Saturday, March 7, 2009

Zombie Blondes

Title: Zombie Blondes         Author: Brian James         Publisher: Feiwel & Friends        Number Of Pages: 232



Summary From Jacket Flap: From the moment Hannah Sanders arrived in town , she felt there was something wrong. A lot of houses were for sale, and the town seemed infected by an unearthly quiet, and then, on Hannah’s first day of classes, she ran into a group of cheerleaders- the most popular girls in school. The odd thing was that they were nearly identical in their appearance: blonde, beautiful, and deathly pale. But Hannah wants desperately to fit in- regardless of what her friend Lukas is telling her: if she doesn’t watch her back, she’s going to be blonde and popular and dead- just like all the other zombies in this town…



Review: I got this book at the library because of the title. I hadn’t even read the summary.  It turned out to be very good. My problem with it though is that Hannah’s love interest in the story fell in love with her when he was walking her home and they suddenly just kissed like they had been dating for a while even though they had just met. The book ended on a bad note and I wonder if Brian James is writing a second book because I would really like to know what happens next.



I recommend this book if you like zombies, young adult novels, and blondes that are beautiful.



  1. Oooh. Sounds good. And creepy-yet-pretty cover!

  2. This is going to be my sisters birthday present I think!

  3. The cover is rather neat - the first thing I thought of was a Barbie Doll.