Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Emma!

Hi everyone,
Today is a very special day. Today happens to be one of my best friend’s birthdays! Her name is Emma and you might know her as Emmyreader from Don’t Lose My Place. She is seriously one of the most amazing people I have ever talked to.
Emma, let me just say, HAPPY 14
th BIRTHDAY! You are getting old. You will be wrinkly soon (TOTALLY kidding!) Anyway, I love you Emma. You are like a sister. I cannot believe how long its been since I first talked to you. I remember exactly what we did. We played animal crossing and I was THRILLED because someone so cool was playing with me. (I know. I was a weirdo child.)
I hope you have the best day ever because you deserve it. Anyway there are some other people who wish to say something to you:

Happy Birthday, Emma! You’re 14 now. Doesn’t it feel GREAT? Well, it should NOT feel great. Cause there is NOTHING great about 14. Trust me, I would know. It’s almost EXACTLY the same as 13. But don’t let that concern you. While there is nothing awesome about 14, there are certainly MANY awesome things about you. I hope you believe me. You DO know I never lie, right?
For example, you are one of the KINDEST people I know. You sent me a package after only knowing me for like a month. I was like “Surely this must be a JOKE. Nobody is THIS nice.” But I was WRONG. And you like reading awesome books! Like WAKE. And SHIVER, the sequel of which you will be reading in a few weeks time (SO JEALOUS).
And finally, you like LADY GAGA. If that doesn’t make you awesome, then PLEASE tell me what does.
I hope this last year went well for you. Your first year as a TEENAGER, exciting! But I also hope that it wasn’t even CLOSE to as fun as this next year is gonna be. Cause’s that’s what someone as great as you deserves. <3  --

I want to wish a very happy, happy birthday to Emma! Although I’ve just gotten close to her—not even THAT close, but still, it counts!—she is a wonderful friend who can cheer me up from her blurbs about a certain baby to just books, books, and books. If I were to choose 10 people I’ve met online that are the nicest since I’ve been blogging, I would SO pick her.
You are 14 years young like me now, although I’ll grow older in a few months. Anyway, 14 is a great year in your life, and I hope every second of it is better than when you were 13 (BOOO). If there’s any moment today that you are down, just remember—today is a special day because YOU were born. –

HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMA HARRISON! i <3 you so much you are awesomeundo Emma Harrison.Elise

Today is awesome. You know why? Someone incredibly, mind-blowingly awesome was born today. And that incredily, mind-blowingly awesome person is (get ready to be gobsmacked) the lovely EMMA! You hear that faint noise? That's the millions of people cheering because that's just how awesome she is. Emma is always sweet and she's my my other half and I'm GAGA for her (inside joke... be jealous ;D). So happy birthday, Emma. May your wishes always come true and may your birthday cakes never blow up.
Your Favorite GaGa Luva

Emma, I'm so glad we met this year. You are an awesome young lady. I had the best Halloween I have had in years acting like a crazy kid at your house. I know there are many wonderful and exciting things in your future! I hope your birthday was awesome. Can't wait to see you on Saturday. Stay sweet! Lovely,

And last but not least..

For my dearest Emma, who is a bright spot in every day, may this birthday be just the beginning of all things bright and wonderful!
Michelle Zink

So, I hope you had an awesometastical birthday Emma!