Sunday, March 8, 2009


Title: Girlwood            Author: Claire Dean              Publisher: HMCo                     Number Of Pages: 246




Summary From Jacket Flap: Deep in the woods, surrounded by a wall of thorns, is a grove of larch trees called Girlwood. Few know how to find it: Only Baba, an old grandmother who understands the power hidden within wild plants. And Bree, a reckless teenager, who runs away from home one dark autumn night. And Polly, the younger sister, whom Baba loves and Bree leaves. Polly, who can see the light and colors of all living things. Girlwood  A place where fairies live and wolves prowl. A place where Polly and her friends can build their own shelter and control their own fire. But can Polly and the girls of Girlwood save Polly’s sister Bree? Can they save the grove from developers? Can they save the magic within themselves? In Girlwood, anything is possible.



Review: Girlwood was great but not my favorite book of all time. It was interesting to see  how Polly and her parents moved on after Bree disappeared. I cried twice, it was a very sad story. They characters were well developed and my favorite character is Baba. She was funny and didn’t care what other people thought of her even if they thought she was evil. All in all Girlwood was a fun, interesting book that made me want to go into the woods with a couple of friends and build a shelter of my own.


I recommend this book if you like the woods, romance, family, friends, funny grandmothers named Baba, and wolves.  


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