Sunday, March 22, 2009

I got something special in the mail yesterday!

I didn't get any books this week but I did get something really special in the mail! I got the City Of Glass postcard for the book signing. I am super excited to get to meet Cassandra Clare and Lisa McMann in person!!! I haven't read anything by Lisa McMann yet but I plan too. The post card looks like this: 
Isn't it awesome! 

Senfaye :)
P.S. Lenore is having an amazing contest where she is giving away 11+ books. Link:


  1. I love that postcard :) I would be so excited to meet Cassie and Lisa... I can't wait to hear all about it!

  2. i am so jealous. i want one so bad!!!

  3. Don't forget the link:

    I am sure not everyone knows who I am - ha!

    And that book signing will be so much fun! I loved Wake and Fade.

  4. Exiting! One more day and its here ^_^

  5. I'm in the opposite boat... I <3 Lisa McMann, but haven't read Cassandra Clare yet. She's on the towering tower of TBR - should I bump her up to the top?