Friday, June 5, 2009

Fairy Tale

Title: Fairy Tale Author: Cyn Balog Publisher: Delacorte Press Number Of Pages: 248 Publication Date: June 23rd, 2009

Synopsis from back of book: Morgan Sparks and Cam Browne are a match made in heaven. They’ve been best friends since birth, they tell each other everything, and oh yeah—they’re totally hot for each other.

But a week before their joint sweet sixteen birthday bash, everything changes. Cam’s awkward cousin Pip comes to stay, and Cam starts acting distant. Morgan is stunned when her formerly perfect boyfriend seems to be drifting away.

When Morgan demands answers, she’s shocked to discover the reason for Cam’s distance. It isn’t another girl—it’s another world. Pip claims Cam is a fairy. No seriously. A fairy. And now his people want Cam to return to their world and take his rightful place as Fairy King.

Determined to keep Cam with her, Morgan plots to fool the fairies. But as Cam continues to change, she has to decide once and for all if he really is her destiny, and their “perfect” love can weather an uncertain future.

Witty, original, and unexpectedly touching, Fairy Tale is a remarkable debut by Cyn Balog that will captivate fans of Twilight and Wicked Lovely.

Review: Fairy Tale is in one word—wonderful! I liked that instead of the protagonist being the fairy, someone she loves dearly is. And, it shows her struggle and her watching what happens on the sidelines. She really can’t do anything to help him and you can tell that it makes her very, very upset. Considering, that Morgan’s boyfriend/best friend is turning into a fairy she is still able to be sarcastic and all around hilarious. The other main characters, Cam (the one being turned into the fairy) and Pip (basically Cam’s replacement) were awesome too. I really, didn’t expect this book to be touching, and boy it was. I almost cried at the end, it was sad and happy at the same time. All in all, this book is a superb debut. I can’t wait to read more from Cyn!

I recommend this book if you like fairies, romance, humor, and YA novels.


  1. This sounds really good and I love the cover. Great review! =D

  2. This sounds superb. Thank you for your review. I will get my hands on this book sometime :)

  3. this sounds really good! I'm so going to read this!

  4. Reading this VERY soon. Glad you liked it - I've heard mixed reactions.

  5. great review!! I can't wait for this one!! I stalk my email everyday to see if Amazon shipped it early!!

  6. This sounds like a great book. Adding to my "to-read" list! Thanks for the review!