Sunday, June 7, 2009


Title: Devoured Author: Amanda Marrone Publisher: Simon Pulse Number Of Pages: 287 Publication Date: September 22nd, 2009

Synopsis from back of book: Megan takes a summer job at the Land Of Enchantment amusement park so she can keep an eye on her new boyfriend, Ryan, and his clearly-in-love-with-him best friend, Samantha.

Okay, so Megan’s not off to the best start.

But things get even twistier when Megan starts seeing the ghost of her dead twin sister. Turns out, fellow employee Luke can see her too. Add in the fact that Megan’s new friend Ari seems to have a crush on Luke, who seems to have a crush on Megan..well that makes for a love triangle that is positively possessed.

Review: Devoured is great novel. It is intense, slightly disturbing, and has a few unexpected twists. Megan the main character is very likeable, but her dead twin sister Remy might be more interesting then her. I really wish that there was more of Remy and Megan’s best friend Nikki in the novel though. Now, onto Arianna aren’t most people named Arianna or Aryanna really cool? Well, aside from that fact she is sarcastic and funny with a dark secret. I really never liked Megan’s new boyfriend Ryan and didn’t understand why she liked him so much anyway.

One of the greatest things in the novel, is the twists! Some things I never would have expected happened and I am usually able to tell the plot of a book from the first couple chapters. So it was a nice surprise. Although, the surprises disturbed very much. For the rest of the day those disturbing images were in my mind. I wouldn’t suggest this book for younger teens and would not read this at night, it may cause nightmares. Another thing, I love that it took Snow White but put a new twist on it.

This might seem a little random, but I really like the cover! All in all, I would definitely recommend this book!

I recommend this book if you like romance, scary/creepy books, ghosts, Snow White, and young adult novels.


  1. I hope to read this novel soon, I adore the cover also!

  2. I have this, and after reading your review, will most likely read it sooner than later.

  3. This sounds fantastic! And the cover is gorgeous <3

  4. This sounds like a really good read. Thank you for the superb review =D

  5. Thanks for the review! I'm really eager for this one. :D

  6. I love the cover too! This book sounds really good. Great review, too!

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