Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fairest Of Them All

Title: Fairest Of Them All Author: Jan Blazanin Publisher: MTV Books Number Of Pages: 262 Publication Date: April 21st, 2009

Synopsis from back of book: Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess with shining, golden hair…

If life was a fairy tale, Oribella Bettencourt would have a “happily ever after” kind of future ahead of her. A Hollywood producer has come to Des Moines in search of a perfectly modern princess Rapunzel, and Ori—a model, dancer, and star of the beauty pageant circuit—lands the part. And why shouldn’t she? With her hardworking, self-sacrificing mother guiding her career, Ori is stunning, dedicated, and poised…and then there’s her hair. Breathtakingly lustrous blond hair that sets her apart from all the other girls at school. So what if she doesn’t have an friends her age, or anyone to talk to other than her mother? She’s on the verge of having everything she’s dreamed of.

But in this fairy tale, the beautiful princess wakes up to her worst nightmare—when almost overnight, Ori begins to lose her hair…

Review: Fairest Of Them All was different. I have never read anything quite like it before. Which was nice. It had a few good qualities and a few bad qualities.

Ori personally was very shallow, but near the end of the book she grew on me. She wasn’t a bad person, just didn’t think of other people first. I also think she over analyzed how people looked on the outside, and not what’s on the inside. Nonetheless though, she was a good person. She just didn’t know she was analyzing people like that. Now, onto her mother. She was not a very good character, I didn’t care for her at all. And, I didn’t like how her mom was shallow, and got mad at Ori when her hair started falling out. It made me so mad that she showed NO compassion for her only child. Ok, I have stated what I didn’t like about the book.

As the book progressed I think the story line got better. As did Ori’s character. I would have liked to see more of the supporting characters. I am having a really hard time portraying what I liked about this book. I truly really liked this book. Oh, thought of a reason why I liked this. I was in a reading slump and this got me right out of it. Jan has some writing ability also. She was able to write a story unlike anything else. This was a great debut in my opinion. All in all, I enjoyed it.

I recommend this book if you like young adult novels, fairy tale type books, and finding yourself books.


  1. This sounds interesting. I'll definitely have to take a look at this :) thanks, great review

  2. Sounds good!
    Loved the Synopsis!

    xo, Ella

  3. I've heard about this book and it sounds pretty good. Ori sounds like an interesting character. THanks for the great review!

    - Alex

  4. I've been considering this one. It keeps catching my eye in the bookstore.

  5. Wow. I had a friend in high school whose hair fell out (and then, fortunately, grew back in...) I am definitely going to have to read this one.

  6. This sounds like an interesting read. Thanks for the honest review. I love the over and title.