Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Waiting On Wednesday #2

Ever since her mother died and her father lost his shoemaking skills, Fortunata has survived by telling fake fortunes. But when she’s tricked into telling a grand fortune for a prince, she is faced with the impossible task of fulfilling her wild prophecy—or her father will be put to death.

Now Fortunata has to help Prince Leonato secure a magic sword, vanquish a wicked witch, discover a long-lost golden shoe, and rescue the princess who fits it. If only she hadn’t fallen in love with the prince herself !

Why I want Fortune's Folly:
* The cover is really cute!
* It sounds really interesting.
* Deva is so kind and sweet!!!!
* I love fairy tales.


  1. It sounds cute, but I am not a fan of the cover.

  2. I'll have to agree with you on that one^