Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sleepaway Girls

Title: Sleepaway Girls     Author: Jen Calonita         Publisher: Little, Brown     Number Of Pages: 298


Summary From Back Of Book: When Sam’s best friend gets her first boyfriend, she’s not ready to spend her summer listening to them call each other “pookie.” Sick of being a third wheel, Sam applies to be a counselor-in-training at Whispering Pines camp in the New York Catskills. But what she doesn’t realize is that it’s not going to be all Kumbaya sing-alongs and gooey s’mores. If Ashley, the alpha queen of Whispering Pines, doesn’t ruin Sam’s summer, then her raging crush on the surfer-blond and flirtatious Hunter just might. At least she has playful Cole, who’s always teasing her but is oh-so-comfortable to hang out with, and the singular gang of girls who become fast friends with Sam-they call themselves the Sleepaway Girls.


Review: Sleepaway Girls was so cute! I really enjoyed it. There was a lot of pop culture references, okay a lot of Disney channel pop culture references. Anyway, I found it to be a really fast read and actually made me want to go to summer camp. (I probably will never go though.) Along with it being cute it was funny and I found myself either smiling or laughing most of the time while reading it. I loved all of Sam’s friends and wished they were my friends. It was very romantic in a cute way. (How many times am I going to say cute?) All in all I suggest this book when it comes out on May 1st.

I recommend this book if you like summer camp, friendships, kids, romance, and YA novels.      


  1. Annie, i'm the first post! great review. I have this book here too. I should try to get it read soon!

  2. Nice review!

    And you have received an award on my blog! Congrats!

  3. Ohh I'm really interested by the short teaser tuesday in the previous post. =) definitely reading this book when it's out.