Sunday, August 23, 2009

Harmony's Awesomeness...

Happy Sunday! This post is going to be about Harmony from Harmony Book Reviews‘ awesomeness!

The reason for this post is because we have a little competition to see who could write the most reviews in a 2 week period. And, she won. So, the loser, had to write a post about the other one’s awesomeness.

Harmony is awesome for many reasons.

· Reason #1: She writes amazing reviews, and she writes them FAST!

· Reason #2: Harmony is nice, and as we all know niceness = supreme awesomeness!!

· Reason #3: She tweets a LOT, as do I, so tweeting is awesome.

· Reason #4: She has read Hush, Hush, Beautiful Creatures, and Prophecy Of The Sisters, and just by that, you KNOW she is awesome.

So, as you can tell, Harmony is very awesome. Go read her awesome blog!!


P.S. I use the word awesome or awesomeness a lot in this post. :D


  1. Sorry you lost. But I have to agree, Harmony is pretty awesome!

  2. sorry you lost, but you are awesome nontheless.

  3. She does sound awesome =) I have an award for you here.