Thursday, July 30, 2009

Behind Every Illusion

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Okay, this is a day late, I suck. I had a rough week and I completley forgot about this tour. Sorry!! (The Author Q&A will be delayed, I never got the answers.)

Title: Behind Every Illusion Author: Christina Harner Publisher: Two Tree Books Number Of Pages: 495 Publication Date: June 6th, 2009

Synopsis from back of book: All creatures born of human parents must be

human and therefore must be ordinary.

Even the soft-spoken eighteen-year-old Tatiana Lewis wholeheartedly accepts this logic. So when she begins to experience unusual changes, she has no clue where to turn and instead keeps her new abilities a secret. But her best friend and brother, Isaac, sees past her illusions and together they explore the significance of her differences and search out the meaning behind them.

Amidst tragedy, unimaginable transformations and an unexpected friendship, Tatiana has to learn to reveal the girl hidden behind her illusions and what it means to face the world in order to preserve not only the forest but her own existence.

Behind Every Illusion is the first book in an exciting series about the extraordinary ways the earth has evolved in a desperate attempt to save itself from the destruction caused by humankind.

Review: Behind Every Illusion was an alright read. I think it would have been better had the author not made some certain plot decisions.

Anyway, I did like certain aspects of it though. I liked Christina’s writing, it was very well done. I also enjoyed, Tatiana’s siblings, Isaac and Bethany, I found them to be a bit more interesting than the protagonist. Another thing well done, was how the book was mainly about saving the planet, it shows how badly we need to save the earth, but occasionally the message got repeated a little TOO often.

I didn’t enjoy, how everyone Tatiana met she seemed to say “I’m an introvert,” it got very annoying. The plot length was another problem, thankfully Christina emailed me and told me how she is cutting a good 25,000 words.

The ending of the book was a little cheesy, but it made me want to read the next installment. All in all, Behind Every Illusion satisfactory read but tedious to read.

I recommend this book if you like faeries, romance, and young adult novels.


  1. Nice review...I don't have that book yet...but I will soon. Thanks!

  2. Your blog looks great! I love the cover of this book.... I am such a cover snob. :)

  3. What a great review, Senfaye! I liked how you clearly said what you liked and didn't like about the book.

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  5. I just realized that I've been looking at this cover all wrong! I originally though the the girl was facing us with something covering her head like a bag. Apparently I did not pay attention to the legs.