Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Title: TTYL Author: Lauren Myracle Publisher: Amulet Number Of Pages: 229

Summary from back of book: Told entirely in instant messages, this smart, funny novel is about humor, hangovers, and heartaches of high school, and the friendships that get you through it all. On the first day of tenth grade, best friends Maddie (madmaddie) Angela (SnowAngel), and Zoe (zoegirl) vow not to let school stupidness get them down... or split them apart. But as the weeks pass and the instant messages accumulate, it's clear that tenth grade will be a roller coaster ride of boy temptation, math torture, donut emergencies, and Queen Bee encounters. Then a jerky boy sends peppy Angela into the dumps,tough Maddie makes a mistake that has the whole school talking,and good girl Zoe gets in over her head with a flirty teacher. Will the winsome threesome make it through the year?

Review: When I got this book I thought that a book in instant messenger sounded interesting. I finished the book a few hours later and thought about it and I like all three characters a lot. Lauren Myracle did an excellent job on this book and I will pick up the other books in the series soon.

I recommend this book if you like instant messenger, young adult novels, and Lauren Myracle

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