Saturday, September 26, 2009

Silver Phoenix Cover, Synopsis, & Trailer!

Synopsis/blurb for Silver Phoenix:
On the day of her first betrothal meeting--and rejection--Ai Ling discovers a power welling deep within her. She can reach into other people's spirits, hear their thoughts, see their dreams...and that's just the beginning.

Ai Ling has been marked by the immortals; her destiny lies in the emperor's palace, where a terrible evil has lived, stealing souls, for centuries. She must conquer this enemy and rescue her captive father, while mythical demons track her every step. And then she meets Chen Yong, a young man with a quest of his own, whose fate is intertwined with hers. Here is a heart-stopping, breathtaking tale for fans of action, fantasy, and romance--of anything with the making of legend.

The amazing trailer for the Silver Phoenix:

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