Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday Favorites #3


* Pick a pretty cover that happens to be your favorite for the week and tell why it is your favorite.

* Then you pick an author and you showcase why they are your favorite for this week.

* You also pick your favorite book that you read this week and why.

* After that you pick your favorite character from that book.



Lips Touch By: Laini Taylor is my favorite cover for this week. It amazing!!!


Elizabeth Scott is my favorite author this week because I have read two of her books and I loved them both!


My favorite books this week are either: Generation Dead By: Daniel Waters, Radiant Darkness By: Emily Whitman, or Wings By: Aprilynne Pike (Which I am about halfway through, it is fantastic!)


My favorite characters this week are: Phoebe Kendall from Generation Dead and Laurel from Wings By: Aprilynne Pike.


  1. So cool to see the Lips Touch cover up there! Looks beautiful :-)

    And, I'm going to the launch party for Radiant Darkness this evening (Portland author) -- can't wait to read it!


  2. I <3 the Lips Touch cover! You have an award! come check out my blog!! :)